Current and former customers & customer voices

Mrs. Steck took over the planning of our lingerie department with regard to the product range and supplier structure and also advised us on the interior. Thanks to her, we have had steady sales and earnings growth over the past few years.

Anette Jundt-Schöttle, CEO Blum-Jundt

Ms. Steck convinces with her extensive knowledge of the industry and her negotiating skills with industry. By working with Ms. Steck, we were able to expand and strengthen our bodywear expertise in many areas, especially in the area of large cups and also with new innovative brands.

Katja Küster-Schmitt, CEO Modehaus Küster

We jointly developed the space distributions, shop arrangements and brand areas and Mrs. Steck was of great help to us because of her profound market knowledge. Ms. Steck also gave important impulses in terms of architecture and style. Mrs. Steck's work quickly led to measurable success.

Christoph Huber, CEO Garhammer

In addition to advising on merchandise management, you had also taken on the task of training the employees in the underwear / lingerie sector, introducing the new young department head to your area of responsibility, which you mastered with flying colors. Your extraordinary commitment, your enthusiasm for employees and products have led to a lasting, positive change in our company.

Horst Dömling, CEO Pecht Einkaufswelt

We have been working with Bodywear Consulting since 2015 and are very satisfied. Mrs. Steck and her team have helped with their very extensive industry knowledge and supplier agreements to increase our sales and margins in all branches. Thanks to Mrs. Steck, we completely reorganized our lingerie department. Our employees have also been trained by Mrs. Steck and can now provide our customers with competent and detailed sales advice. Working with Mrs. Steck is very professional and pleasant.

Elena Klejn, Head of lingerie department at FREY