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Bodywear Consulting Dizayn A.S. is the leading European management consultancy for the bodywear sector.

We have been guaranteeing a successful business development of lingerie and swimwear retailers as well as manufacturers for more than 25 years.

In the dynamic bodywear world, we support and assist companies in continuous positive development.

From product evaluations and market comparisons to optimal product ranges and area planning as well as creative marketing measures, Bodywear Consulting offers a wide range of services.


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Consumer spending in the clothing industry is increasing worldwide. In Germany, they have increased by an average of 2.3% annually over the past five years. In 2015, around EUR 75 billion was spent on fashion (+ 1.80% on the previous year). With this, the Germans spend around 900 euros a year on fashion, significantly exceeding the EU average of 700 euros.

In the bodywear sector in particular, Germany is among the three countries with the highest sales worldwide. Here too, consumer spending has increased by an average of 1.5% over the past five years. Around 163 euros are spent on laundry every year.

Even if the fashion industry and especially the bodywear sector is not left untouched by digitization, there are – or precisely because of this – valuable and increasing opportunities, despite increasing complexity, that offer great potential. However, it should also be emphasized that hardly any other market is more dynamic and volatile than the fashion industry.

The employment situation is endangered by the sale of the products via the online trade. Due to the constant use of the digital median and the supply deficit in some rural regions, the turnover of the clothing manufacturers increases above all via e-commerce. In 2016, around 17% of retail sales with around 13 billion euros were generated by online retail alone.

In order to continue to operate successful retail spaces in the future, to create new ones or to place products profitably, it not only requires appropriate market knowledge but also product-specific expertise. Whether as a dealer or manufacturer, you benefit from a collaboration through more than 20 years of successful advice. This makes us international industry experts and provides our customers with access to conditions that are better than the market.

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